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Are you a student looking to boost your portfolio for a career in gaming? Look no further than VoxPop Games! Here we help students find collaborators to help make their dream game, or helping students find projects to sink their teeth into in order to hone a particular skill.

After the project is done, we will pay dividends out to your contractors for you, or pay you your dividends for your help on a project. Either way, we will take care of the money for you!  Watch the video above to learn more about VoxPop’s Middleware tools. If you’re interested in working with us, make sure to fill out our contact form as well!


Looking for games that are just built different?

Play over 300 independently developed games from hundreds of creators all across the world! New games, with new ideas, spanning every genre are being added every day.

And when you find that new gem? Help it grow, and support the devs by recommending it to your friends! Every purchase gives a share of the sales back to you, so you can grow your own channel in turn!


Looking for help to get your dream games made?

Or maybe you want to be a part of a project you can believe in?

Join a growing pool of designers, artists, and content creators to bring your projects to life! Claim your fair stake of another by lending your talents wherever you can. VoxPop pays out to everyone as dividends when the game reaches market. After all, why should trust and accounting get in the way of a good collaboration?


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